We can remotely access your computer to help solve problems or remove malware and viruses. After you have called and talked to a technician, he will have you visit this page and ask you to click on the link below.


Click here for Remote Support


This will download the Teamviewer remote support software to your computer. If your computer asks, you may either save or run the software. After it is downloaded, when you are asked, please select Run and Allow it to make changes to your system. When the program runs, you will be given a Teamviewer ID and password.


Your support technician will need to know both of these numbers to connect to your computer for remote support. You will be able to interact by using the mouse and keyboard as usual. However, while you use the mouse, the technician will not be able to move the mouse to do the work. We kindly ask that you refrain from moving the mouse unless asked to do so by the technician.


Thank you for allowing Icthus Technology to support you.